France kitchen gets ‘world-class’ award for quality

Bordeaux, France (AP) French chefs have won a prestigious award for the quality of their cuisine.

The Parisian Culinary Institute said Wednesday that its 2017-18 culinary award was named for chef André Lefebvre, who founded his restaurant, Les Enfants, in 1954.

It also named five French restaurants as “world-Class” by the Parisian Institute of Culinary Education, an association of foodie and culinary professionals.

The institute’s president, Daniel Dias, said Lefevre’s influence on the French cuisine goes back to his early years working as a kitchen manager at his mother’s restaurant in Lille, which was founded in 1955.

The restaurant became the heart of the French gastronomic scene.

Lefebre is remembered for inventing the French-style pastries known as frites and is known for his love of beer and wine.

Dias said the new honor reflects the impact he has had on the cuisine of the country.

“He is a true pioneer and a great chef, and this award is a tribute to the great chef who created Les Enflants and who has given France a very high-quality food,” Dias told reporters.

Dias said Les Enfebs are often compared to the original French restaurants in France.

But, he said, the two restaurants in particular were not inspired by one another.

The Les Enfleches restaurant, which opened in 1957 in the Stade Louis II district of Paris, is still in operation.

It serves the freshest ingredients and is considered one of the most sophisticated restaurants in the city.

The other three French restaurants named to the prestigious culinary award were also created by Lefegre, Dias added.

The awards are being presented in conjunction with the International Culinary Festival.

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