Why do some people hate to clean?

The Lad’s website features a long list of reasons people hate cleaning, and the site’s creators are clearly trying to figure out how to get people to stop.

The site features a list of 10 reasons people should avoid cleaning, which includes things like:1.

The smell2.

The cost of cleaning3.

The taste of cleaning4.

The possibility of mold5.

The size of the area to clean6.

The amount of cleaning needed7.

The time it takes8.

The environmental impact9.

The safety of cleaning10.

How many people are living in the same house and where are they living?

Some people seem to agree with some of these points, but others feel like they don’t like the idea of cleaning.

One user on the Lad’s Facebook page wrote, “I love the smell of fresh food, but I hate cleaning up a mess that I’m cleaning up.”

Another user wrote, “(cleaners) smell like they are in a house with their noses in the food and I am not in a home with my nose in food.”

Another poster said, “We should all be cleaning and I do love the feel of cleaning, but the smell?

That is so gross, I don’t even want to use it.”

Another commenter said, “[The smell] just makes me want to throw up.”

Other users on the site have responded with the same sentiments, like this one, which says, “The smell of a new dishwasher makes me think of cleaning up in a dirty kitchen, or my own messy home.

It just makes my stomach turn when I think about it.”

The Lad also features a post about how cleaning your home could save you money.

The site’s owners, Dan and Jennifer Stoll, seem to have a very different view on cleaning.

They wrote on the website, “You will spend more money cleaning up than doing anything else.”

One user on their Facebook page said, “‘clean up’ is not a good reason to clean.

Cleaning the kitchen is not cleaning the house.

You can’t clean up your own house.”

A reader also wrote, “[I] just think the smell is gross.

If it was a new appliance, I would clean it myself.

But because I live in a small home with a lot of appliances, it just feels gross and unnatural to clean the dishes.

I hate the smell, but it is a natural reaction and is not something I can control.”

In addition to these 10 reasons, the Lad includes a list on its site of reasons why people hate clean, and one person posted on the Facebook page, “It is like a chemical reaction.

I just hate to feel the chemicals that make the smell.”

One commenter on the page wrote that “it smells like a mess to me and I hate feeling that smell.”

Another person on the social media site wrote, “”Cleaner is the worst word I have ever heard in my life.

“A commenter wrote, “‘Cleaner’ is an insult to clean and I’m sick of people using it to describe me.

I have a clean home and my kids love clean dishes.””

The fact that you have a job, which I have, doesn’t mean that you will spend $40 cleaning every dishwasher every week.”

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