Why Nana Nuzzi’s home looks like the kitchen of a teen’s bedroom

Nana’s home, which is set in the rural community of Nantapuri in Uttar Pradesh, looks a bit like a typical teen’s house.

“It’s the same as the bedrooms in the house,” says Nana, whose son was born there.

Nana’s daughter, who works as a teacher in the community, says she is shocked to see the house.

“It’s not normal, it’s really not normal,” she says.

She adds that her husband has lived in a house in the same locality for about six years and has never seen anything like this.

The house sits on a rocky road, with no electricity or running water.

As the sun sets over the river, a man is seen sitting on a wooden bench, eating an elephant leg.

On the front door, a large mural with Nana and her husband’s faces is visible, and the word “Baba” (mother) is carved on the door.

It was a traditional custom for Nana to have a son with the same name.

Her son’s name is Naresh.

‘Nanavasi ki jai’ is the name of the village, where Nana lives.

A few weeks ago, a local woman asked me to write a story about Nana.

I started by writing about Nanas house.

But after writing about her house, I felt a bit disheartened that I had made such a big mistake.

I felt like I had forgotten about the people who have been in her house for years.

What Nana wants for her son’s education I want NanaNana, a 30-year-old engineer, was born in Nantpur in Bihar in 1988, but she did not have a formal education until she was 18 years old.

My father used to work as a mechanic in a small village in Bihar, but after the floods, he started selling goods.

At one point, he was also a farmer and had a house at Nantupuri.

We were living in a shanty village.

I was the youngest of three children.

When I was nine years old, I decided to get a job.

Around the time of the floods in 2004, I was working in the field and my father’s family sold us their land.

I decided I wanted to go back to Bihar and start my own family.

Nana had already started working as a housewife.

She got married at 19 and had two daughters.

She started teaching children to make them independent.

I used to accompany her.

In 2008, my wife asked me if I wanted a son.

I said no.

But in 2013, she told me that she wanted me to have him.

Over the years, Nana has helped many young people.

She helped us get a school, a primary school, even a university.

Nanas family is in a big trouble.

Since Nana is an engineer, I started writing about the education she got at Nanna and how she had taught her son to make him independent.

This is the kind of story that will help people who are struggling to get an education.

I am not a lawyer.

I just want to help people.

The story will not only help people, but also help people in other parts of the country who have not had the same chance.

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