‘Fancy’ ship to be built in Adelaide, Melbourne

Adelaide, South Australia – The future is here: a new luxury ship will be built off the coast of Adelaide in the capital’s harbour in 2019.

The $2.4 billion ship will replace the old fleet of eight luxury ships and replace the ageing Sydney-class frigate fleet.

It will replace Adelaide’s ageing fleet of 11 luxury ships, and Adelaide’s old fleet, which includes the Sydney-Class Frigate, which is a supercruise vessel.

Adelaide is the third largest port in Australia and is home to the country’s largest naval shipyard.

The shipyard said the ship would be capable of handling a number of roles and would be equipped with a range of systems to ensure the ship meets all requirements, including security.

The Adelaide shipyard says the shipyard is currently contracted for the design, fabrication, commissioning, and construction of a super-class ship for the Navy.

It will be named after the Adelaide Harbour Bridge, the city’s landmark structure, and is to be named Adelaide, after the City of Adelaide.

The Government says it wants to build the ship for $2 billion, but the shipyards cost estimate is $2,500 million.

The Adelaide Dockyard will be able to make its first order of the super-cargo ship in 2019, with construction expected to begin later this year.

The navy said the supercargo ships were expected to be capable and cost effective.

“These vessels will provide a platform for Australia’s future supercruises, as well as complement the existing fleet of ships in Adelaide,” Defence Minister David Johnston said.

“It will further expand our ability to engage with world partners, as our super-cruise fleet grows.”

The Adelaide-class supercruisers are among the fastest super-ships in the world.

The first super-ship was launched in 2008.

A new super-carrier is due to be completed in 2020.

The Sydney-based shipyards ships have been plagued by delays and cost overruns.

In June 2018, an Australian government audit found a $2 million shortfall in the cost of the Adelaide- class supercruiser ship.

The Navy said it was committed to completing the ship by 2022.

The company that built the ships said the ships were designed to be fully self-sufficient.


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