The Best of Kitchen Island Ideas 2018

The best of the best from 2018 is out and now it’s time to pick your favourite.

The most popular dishes of the year were presented in a big roundtable featuring some of the most exciting new restaurant openings around.

The winners were chosen by a panel of experts including Kitchen Island’s co-founder and chief executive, and food critic David Blanchflower.

What are the most interesting things you saw at these new restaurants?


Kitchen Island Kitchen Island is a new, high-end, all-vegetarian restaurant that opened this year in Dublin, Ireland.

The restaurant offers a selection of dishes from local ingredients sourced from the region, as well as dishes from restaurants like Kitchen Island, Café Toussaint, and the London-based French cuisine restaurant La Siree.

The new restaurant features a large outdoor terrace and has a great menu of dishes including burgers, steak and sausage, pasta, seafood, vegetarian options, and more.

The menu is set to change again in 2017 with a full menu being released later this year.


Kitchen Islands new menu.

Source: Kitchen Island 3.

Chef Roberta McNeill and chef Jamie Ward in Kitchen Islands dining room.

Source, Facebook 4.

Jamie Ward and chef Roberta.

Source | Facebook 5.

Jamie and Roberta preparing dinner at the new Restaurant of the Year.



The chef prepares a salad for Jamie’s guests at the restaurant of the week.

Source 7.

Jamie’s menu in Kitchen Island.

Source 8.

Jamie has a burger at Kitchen Island in 2018.

Source 9.

Jamie prepares lunch at the kitchen island restaurant of year.

Source 10.

Jamie on a trip to Kitchen Island to see the new location and cook a burger.

Source 11.

Jamie preparing dinner for his guests at Kitchen Islands.

Source 12.

Jamie is preparing dinner with chef Robert.

Source 13.

Jamie dishes at Kitchen island restaurant in 2018 in Dublin.

Source 14.

Jamie at the newly opened restaurant of summer.

Source 15.

Jamie prepared his own burgers at Kitchen islands new restaurant.

Source 16.

Jamie serving a meal to his guests.

Source 17.

Jamie shows off his burgers at the Kitchen Islands restaurant of day.

Source 18.

Jamie with chef Bob.

Source 19.

Jamie in the kitchen at the newest Kitchen Island restaurant.

source 20.

Jamie enjoying the new menu of the summer.

source 21.

Jamie showing off his burger.

source 22.

Jamie demonstrating a salad to his friends.

source 23.

Jamie makes his burgers.

Source 24.

Jamie enjoys his lunch at Kitchen Isles new restaurant of night.

Source 25.

Jamie serves his dinner.

Source 26.

Jamie cooking with chef Jamie.

Source 27.

Jamie taking a nap at the dining room at Kitchen Isle.

Source 28.

Jamie finishing off a burger and steak.

Source 29.

Jamie making a salad.

Source 30.

Jamie sharing his burgers with guests.

source 31.

Jamie, Jamie, and chef Bob in the new Kitchen Island dining room in 2018 at the opening of the new restaurant in Dublin this year, Dublin.

Jamie posted this picture on Facebook on November 3, 2018.


Jamie washing his hands at the French restaurant of Ireland.

Source 33.

Jamie cooks at the Parisian restaurant of years.

Source 34.

Jamie finishes his burger at the Burger King.

Source 35.

Jamie relaxing on a bench at the hotel of the day.

source 36.

Jamie demonstrates his burgers in the Kitchen Island of years 2017.

Source 37.

Jamie takes a nap in the hotel room.

source 38.

Jamie posing for a picture with his friends at the London restaurant of summers.

Source 39.

Jamie as a chef at the British restaurant of decades.

Source 40.

Jamie looks on as he prepares his lunch.

Source 41.

Jamie eating at the Hotel of the Day.

Source 42.

Jamie practicing his burger making.

Source 43.

Jamie putting together a burger for the restaurant’s opening night.

source 44.

Jamie getting his burgers ready.

Source 45.

Jamie gets ready for dinner.

source 46.

Jamie eats at the Restaurant of London’s opening.

Source 47.

Jamie looking out the window at his friends dinner.

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