La Repubblica: Mano de’parma: Tommaso di Mauro, Giorgio Tavecchio, Marco Domenicali and Marco Pellegrini are linked

Tommasa Giannini, Marco Pelagini and Giorgi Tavecu are among the names linked with a move to the top of the Serie A table.

The club have been linked with several other top-class names and this week revealed they are set to sign one of them.

Gianluca Di Marzio has been linked to Inter, Napoli, Udinese and AC Milan, but the 24-year-old has said that he is not yet ready to leave.

“There is a possibility to move, but I am not ready yet,” he said.

“I am in the final stages of my contract at Inter, I am on loan with Napoli and Udinese, and my agent is looking at other options.”

The Rossoneri have already signed Marco Peligini from Udinese in the summer.

Di Marzanico has also been linked in recent days with the Scudetto, but he is set to stay at the San Siro.

Why do Australians hate cooking?

By Kate McCaffrey AUSTRALIA’S obsession with cooking is making it hard for many people to do the basics: cook dinner.

Photo: Michael Clayton-Jones The trend is not going away, as the ABC’s ABC Food has discovered.

For the first time in Australia’s history, a survey of 1,000 Australians last year found most of them did not like to cook.

They said they disliked having to make the messiest, least-healthy meal, or eating out too much, and the number of Australians who disliked their cooking in general was rising.

“It is an obsession,” said a woman from a rural region in Victoria.

“[Now] it’s really easy to just get a fridge full of food and cook. “

It’s just a lot easier.” “

[Now] it’s really easy to just get a fridge full of food and cook.

It’s just a lot easier.”

A similar sentiment was expressed by a woman in NSW.

She was looking for an alternative to making the mess.

There are some other aspects of the cooking industry that are getting more difficult to get right, like cooking in a microwave.

Some of the other things that people said they hated were getting the meat ready, not being able to have a proper cookout and having to do things like make sure you’ve had all the ingredients together before you start cooking.

In some places, it is difficult to be able to cook in a dishwasher.

And in the case of a family home, people say they just don’t feel safe cooking in the home at all.

For the ABC, the research suggests cooking in public has become more difficult.

It is also making it harder for people to buy and cook in bulk, and so the amount of money people spend on food has fallen.

The survey found people were willing to spend more than half their household income on food each week, up from 48 per cent in 2013.

But the survey also showed there were more people who said they did not buy or cook for personal reasons.

“There’s a lot of money that people can make by cooking for their family, and that is really going to affect how much people spend,” said Anne Whitehouse, the CEO of Australian Money Magazine.

“A lot of the people who cook in the kitchen don’t actually cook for themselves.

It just is a way of putting food in their hands.”

“I’ve been a food blogger for 15 years now and this is the first year I have really noticed a lot more people are starting to cook on the go, not just the way I do it.”

Whitehouse said it was important that people did not feel intimidated.

When the ABC contacted Whitehouse for a comment, she said she thought the survey was interesting but that there were a lot reasons why people wanted to cook at home.

The survey asked the same questions as the 2013 survey, and found more people wanted a “clean, simple, family-friendly cooking experience”.

“You do not want someone to think it’s difficult or that it’s a hassle to cook,” she said.

“I think it is, because the more time you spend doing it, the easier it is.

You can make the food in the house, you can have it ready in the morning, you don’t have to cook it in the fridge.

So it is a lot simpler and a lot less stressful.””

I’m really looking forward to going out with my family next year.”

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