‘The New Yorker’ interview with a New Yorker staffer is hilarious and touching, says author of ‘New Yorker’ biography


— The New Yorker’s profile of a New York Times staffer has sparked a new and fascinating conversation about the magazine’s legacy and its future, says the author of “New Yorker: Inside the Life and Times of the New Yorker.”

A story in the February issue of The New York Review of Books, “The New York Post,” details how a young woman from South Africa was recruited to work for The New Jersey Times, where she would help write the paper’s coverage of the AIDS pandemic.

The story is titled “The Woman Who Changed the Times,” and it tells of the moment when the Times staffer met the reporter from “The Times of India.”

The article was written by journalist Gopal Subramanian, who was hired by the Times to cover the Indian-American community.

In an interview with The New Republic on Friday, Subramaniam said he was impressed with the reporter, whom he met in his first interview with the young woman.

“She was so young, and she had this wonderful way of making a conversation that was different from the usual, I think, interviewing, which is to start with, ‘Have you ever heard of the newspaper?’

She did,” he said.

“And then she told me, ‘The Times has written about you.’

And I was like, ‘Really?

The Times has done that?’

She was like ‘yes.'”

He said she seemed to be in love with The Times and wanted to share the news with others.

He also praised the reporter’s “love of the paper” and “very humble” personality.

The New Republic story, written by Jana Rabinowitz and posted online Friday, also included the story of the Times’ longtime photo editor and now-deceased chief photo editor, Michael Lipsker.

The Times said in a statement that the reporter is a “truly amazing woman” who had worked for The Times for decades and was “a great asset” to the newspaper.

The woman interviewed in the article, who spoke on the condition of anonymity, said that she has been in New York City for nearly a decade and that she met the New Jersey reporter through her friend and colleague.

She described how she was invited to lunch by the reporter in her first assignment, a cover story on the state of the art in the New York metro area.

She said that after she finished the meal, the reporter asked her if she had any problems.

She replied, “No, I love it here.

I think it’s the best job I ever had.

She was very happy with that.”

The New Jersey article says that the woman said she worked on the cover for nearly three years, from 1999 to 2004.

She also said that while there, she helped to write the newspaper’s “news and culture” section, and worked as a copywriter.

She also said she was an editor for the Times for a decade, before being promoted to senior editor in 2008.

The interview also includes a quote from the New Hampshire State Police who said the person who approached the woman in her third assignment was the former New York Police Department chief.

The New Hampshire state police said in an emailed statement that their agency “does not condone this behavior, and we are investigating.”

The state police added that they were not aware of the incident involving the Times reporter.

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